I think that the Ravenclaw house is definitely the most diverse house. There are so many kinds of individuals, so typing down a few traits that all Ravenclaws share was a bit challenging. What links Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang together? What similar traits do Professor Flitwick, Professor Lockhart and Professor Trelawney have? What makes a ‘Ravenclaw’ a ‘Ravenclaw’? Here are some traits that I believe all Ravenclaws share.

Ravenclaws love books:  We all know that Ravenclaws generally prize intelligence and academic achievement, but what all of them have in common, including the hatstalls like Hermione Granger, is that they REALLY love books. I could never imagine a Ravenclaw, or maybe a Ravenclaw hatstall, throwing a book in the garbage or burning it. I think a Ravenclaw would even LOVE the smell of a book. If you see someone smelling a new or old book, and saying that it smells good, then that person is most likely a Ravenclaw or at least a Ravenclaw hatstall.


Ravenclaws have an active imagination:  I think that Ravenclaws live in their heads, and that they love to think, imagine situations, and daydream. Luna was definitely a smart teenager, but she was considered a lunatic because of her a bit too unrealistic beliefs. People, who daydream a lot, they are definitely more creative, but the downside of this, is that living in the head, sometimes makes you not see reality for what it is. Another example is Professor Lockhart. He also organized a Valentines’ event in Hogwarts, which was a very unique thing to do, but he failed to realize that many would find it too annoying and too flamboyant.

Ravenclaws are good in solving trivia: If they were terrible in solving trivia, they wouldn’t be asked logical questions every time they want to enter the common room. I think that Ravenclaws in general love using their brain, and finding logic in things that may seem chaotic or illogical to most people.

Ravenclaws lack common sense, especially when they are young: I have three examples for this one. First, it’s Cho Chang.  When she and Harry went on a date, she literately made a scène just because he suggested that they should spend some time with Hermione. She didn’t care that others were staring at all. Another example is Luna Lovegood. She wears actual parts of plants as earrings, and doesn’t care that others find it eccentric or inappropriate. Professor Lockhart is another example. He seems to not know that one shouldn’t act the way he does in public.


Ravenclaws need to be calm: I think that Ravenclaws really don’t like confrontations and they prefer not to fight, but that doesn’t mean that they never fight or stand up for something! It’s just that they need to live in a calm and peaceful ambient, and to be calm themselves. They also don’t like confrontations, and many of them would go to great length to avoid them.


Another traits: Ravenclaws tend to rationalize their feelings; From all of the house in Hogwarts, Ravenclaw is the least unified one;Ravenclaws are creative.

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