Why I believe that “Shining” actually exists?

-If you’ve read “The shining” by Stephen King, then you probably know what Shining is. But in case you haven’t read it yet, then Shining is generally a term for telepathic and psychic abilities ranging from knowing what the person you’re talking with is feeling to predicting the future and telepathically talking to someone who is miles(kilometers) away from you. According to the book, there are two types of people: those who you shine and those who don’t, and among those who shine, there is a hierarchy of ability. There is Danny , a 5 year old boy, who can read others’ minds, predicts the future, and telepathically converse with someone who shines, and there is Hallorann who only has like 10 percent of Danny’s powers. The ones who also shines are mothers, therefore Danny’s mother.

-Before going any further, first I want to explain that I don’t believe that anyone can telepathically talk to someone else.That’s physically impossible.But, I do believe in a certain degree of shining, and I believe that there is shining in almost everyone. According to me, “shining” is an unexplained feeling of knowing something that has to do with present, or foreseeable future.Though, sometimes you don’t have a clear idea of what exactly you’re feeling.I’m going to give a few examples that happened personally in my life, and maybe help you recall similar experiences.

-One day, I sent a message to an acquaintance of mine on Messenger(Ah, good old times.), and assuming that he will answer me later, I went back to the browser. At that exact moment, I could swear that felt his subtle surprise and I knew that he was writing back to me.Not 30 seconds had passed, and there was a new message by him.

-The next one has to do with my maternal grandmother passing away.During the entire year I had powerful feelings that she would die.I even woke up twice crying, thinking that she had died, only to find out that nothing happened, and then feeling rather stupid. The day that she passed away, I just was back from her house, and was in the kitchen hearing Dad talking to my uncle on the phone. I knew what my uncle was saying to my Dad(I couldn’t hear what Uncle was saying!), and when he came in the kitchen to tell us the bad news, I was neither shocked nor too upset, it was like I was grieving her all this time. During that rather short conversation, where the only thing Dad said that ‘No way.’ and ‘Okay.’ and maybe ‘Bye.’, I knew that Uncle was breaking the news about grandmother’s death to my Dad.

-At this one, I didn’t know what I was going to happen exactly. I was taking an exam in mathematics and it was quite noisy, there was an ambulance or maybe police outside, when I had the strangest premonition; it was a  strong feeling that someone from my family had died. I felt a powerful urge to leave the exam and to call someone from my family. It was awful, and it lasted the majority of the exam.I knew that it was irrational, and I tried to stay calm, but unsurprisingly I didn’t do well even though I knew most of the exercises. Less than a month later, my paternal grandmother passed away.

-The shining does always have to do with important events in our lives. It can be as simple as feeling the stress of your next-to-you stranger while taking an exam, or the subtle panic of your Hufflepuff sister while crossing the road together.Did you have similar experiences? Or do you believe in shining at all? Please, let me know your thoughts and feelings on this topic in the comments down below.

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