The difference between the four houses of Hogwarts

-I may be wrong, but I think everyone belongs to one house only, even though there are cases of hatstalls. The Pottermore test is extremely reliable, because it was created by J.K.Rowling herself, but it’s incomparable to the true sorting. One can give the wrong answer, or the answer given can be situational. In the end, I think that there is one way that might determine in which house someone belongs. Here is my 2 cent theory:

The way someone seeks power:

No one…I mean NO ONE, wants to be completely powerless. I’m not saying that everyone seeks power,but everyone wants to be able to choose, and to be free. Everyone wants to feel that they are the ones making the choices in their life.

Gryffindors: By simply trying to be brave.

Hufflepuffs:By trying to be a good person, in a world full of liars and hypocrites

Slytherins: By achieving something in their lives.

Ravenclaws:By creating something, or/and by knowing as much as possible.

-Please let me know what you think of this.(Even if you completely disagree!). I’d love to know your thoughts on this. I love Harry Potter, and I love talking about it.

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One thought on “The difference between the four houses of Hogwarts

  1. I love your insights into the houses! I agree with you! I took the test a few times on random test sites but then did it on Pottermore and got Slytherin every time! But I feel that I am somewhat a Ravenclaw as well and often identify with Ravenclaw qualities. My husband is a Ravenclaw so I would say it could be that. But I thought this way before me and my husband even knew each other. Maybe it was magical destiny. Lol I dont know. But I say I am Slytherin and proud of it. Because that is what JK Rowling said I was and that is as close to a real sorting any of us will ever get. Lol

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