Quotes by Albanian writers

-I hope I could translate them well. In this list, you’ll also find two famous Albanian quotes. I just wanted to share these with you guys.


1.Don’t leave for tomorrow, what you must do today.~ Naim Frashëri

-In short, don’t procrastinate.

2.Freedom is the essence of the soul and the mind. At places without freedom, the mind and the soul withers like a plant without water.~Sami Frashëri

3.Half of job is already done, if it’s started by the desire to do that job.~Naim Frashëri

4.The strongest among people is the one who can control himself.~Sami Frashëri

-I truly believe that.

5.Every day of your life is a page in your biography. Make sure it’s written well.~Sami Frashëri

6.What governs the world is not the force or the law, but good manners and education.~Sami Frashëri

7.Friendship is like the lighting. The darker the place, the more it shines.~Sami Frashëri

8.There is no innocent person in the world. The wise doesn’t tell his son not to make mistakes at all, but to make mistakes as less  as possible.~Sami Frashëri

9.The one who takes an advice  is a bigger person, than the one who gives an advice, because it’s a lot easier to give advice than to take advice.~Sami Frashëri

10.The mistakes, made while doing something you love, are better than the perfection created,while doing something you don’t like.~Sami Frashëri

11.Things that are usually seen as sacred like the mind,knowledge and wisdom, are usually empowered by some useless desires, because of the greed for greatness and fame. Although love withstands them all. Love can handle poverty,needs,hunger,humiliation,struggles; basically anything. Love transforms hell into heaven. If you want a particle of the spiritual life in the physical life, then that sign is love.~Sami Frashëri

-That doesn’t have to mean just romantic love. It can mean love for books,music, or the parent’s love.

12.Whoever relies on force, will collapse as soon as the force leaves him/her. But, whoever relies on justice, relies on a strong building, which will never fall.~Sami Frashëri

13.Mind power is more useful than the sword, so keep it safe, and keep it ready to be used, when the time calls.~Sami Frashëri

14.Wisdom is a divine light. It does not only illuminates the surfaces of the things, but their depths as well.~Sami Frashëri

15.A man shouldn’t be measured by feet, but by heart. ~Albanian

16.The third one is the true one.~Albanian

-This one is commonly used.

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