The young wolf and the fairies’ club by Red Rose-Crown


-Silence; a young wolf named Orin was sprinting down a hill. His wounds were spotting the grass and his head was throbbing painfully, but that couldn’t stop him from running. After his mother’s death, the pack dissolved, and he was left all alone. “Just keep running,” he kept saying to himself, hitherto stopping abruptly before a blinding wall of light, which ceased to exist as soon as he hit it. Once his eyes were accustomed to light again, Orin noticed a woman coming towards him. Her long aquamarine hair was well-lit by her aura. She was emitting light, but her features were too kind .So heart-warming they were that when she picked him up, he felt protected and loved. Orin could feel his pain evanescing, although the blinding but warm light was getting stronger. “I’m a fairy and I’ll save you. Be not afraid,” she whispered kindly.

-Orin woke up in an interesting nest, surrounded by many similar nests forming a wide circle around him, in the middle of which were 5 fountains and many chatting people. All of them had the same light-emitting aura, and they didn’t smell like humans at all.

-“We are a fairies’ club called Nightina,” said his heroine picking him up gently. “Welcome!”

-“I’m Bora,” she started presenting each member of her pack. They were looking curiously with their big eyes, and Orin thought that they looked quite inspiring. “What your name?” she asked in the end.

-“I’m Orin,” spoke the young wolf, before licking Bora’s face.

-“Welcome Orin,” spoke the fairies politely.

– “Our entire lives are dependent on these fountains,” said Bora before jumping on one of the nests’ roofs while holding Orin. “We don’t only use these fountains for food, but also to heal wounded animals and people … Our light is not enough sometimes,” whispered Bora like she was talking to herself and not to Orin, hitherto putting him down on the roof.

-“Orin,” said she sitting down, her attention now back at the young wolf. “Each of the fountains has a crucial role, and is irreplaceable,” she said with her arms around her legs.

-“Do you drink from the fountains?” asked Orin looking mesmerized at the fairy.

-“Yes we do,” she said looking kindly with her big, violet eyes, “and it’s the most delicious food there is,” she added enthusiastically, “though, I’m not sure it’s safe for you to drink it.”

-“But, I want to drink,” thought Orin feeling crestfallen.

-“Look at the fountain with rainbow water,” said she pointing at a crystal fountain, “it tastes like flowers.”

-“You drink flowers,” ejaculated Orin.

-“Flowers’ juice,” Bora corrected him.

-“How can I become a fairy?” said Orin feeling awkward but hopeful.

-“ In order to become part of Nightina,” spoke Bora joyfully, “you must collect 30 leaves from 30 different oaks within a night and put them in a bag, and during that time you shouldn’t back down if another animal attacks you. Then, using your intuition you should come here, and after that you’re a full-fledged fairy…but careful”, she said warningly, “you have only one shot.”


-Immediately after the dusk Orin started his quest. Running from tree to tree, the young wolf managed to collect 24 leaves, but before he started looking for the 25th oak, Orin noticed the scent of his former pack-mate Blue. A mixture of terror and hatred erupted inside Orin’s chest. He prayed that Blue didn’t notice him, but he was sure that Blue did.

-“I’ll kill you,” Blue howled from behind, making Orin jump in fear. Orin wanted to run away as fast as he could, but in order to join the club, he must muster all of his courage.

-“Go away,” Orin growled, not allowing himself to give in to fear.

-“That’s so cruel,” said Blue mockingly coming closer to Orin, who did not back down despite his thundering heart, “you still haven’t formed your own pack. Are you a lone wolf?”

-“You’re talking like you’ve found your woman,” growled Orin fearfully; now with more anger.

-“Your fears are blinding you,” spoke he softly, “can’t you see the wolves behind me, stupid?”

-A new wave of terror rushed inside Orin’s heart when he noticed the howling wolves in front of him; some of them used to be in the old pack.

-“Now, it’s your turn,” spoke Blue again softly. “You haven’t found a woman, have you?”

-“No,” howled Orin, who could feel his energies leaving him, “but I’ve found a family…I don’t have to appear strong every day of my life,” continued Orin dangerously, “I pity you. You can never be truly yourself. Otherwise, they won’t …”

-Before Orin knew, Blue attacked him viciously. Orin could feel that Blue intends to kill him, not just hurt him.

-“Blue, stop!” said a thundering wolf. It was Snow, another wolf from the old pack.

-“Blue, we know Orin,” she spoke softly now, “he’s our brother…Why don’t you just join us, Orin?” she said kindly. “We’d love to have you in our pack. Blue is just messing around, you know him.”

-“Thank you,” replied Orin feeling ashamed of how much relieved he felt, “but, I can’t.”

-“Do you want to start your own pack?”

-“I already have a family.”

-“Good luck, Orin,” she said, and they left.

-Orin found the rest of the leaves, but he felt that he acted like a coward. However, the moment he found the 30th tree, he felt blissful, and all the shame melted away. Orin ran towards the fairies’ club knowing exactly where it is.

-“Orin, you’re shining,” said Bora excited. All the fairies had been waiting for him.

-One of the fairies gave him bubbly orange liquid from one of the fountains.

-A sudden thought occurred to him. “It tastes like popcorn,” he said. The fairies laughed appreciatively. Orin was not only part of Nightina, but also the first wolf-fairy ever.


by RedRoseCrown

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