Character Analysis: Luna Lovegood

-Luna is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series. She is smart, funny, authentic, and on top of that, very kind. Luna Lovegood has never cared about what others thought of her, even after being called so many times ‘insane’ or ‘loony.’ She’s true to herself and to her feelings, and has a specific life view.


Her viewpoint on death

-Luna is an interesting person, but what’s the most interesting about her is her viewpoint on the matter of life and death. She, wholeheartedly believes in afterlife, and sees death as part of life. Luna and I share the same viewpoint on this matter. No matter how tragic death is, it is something that everyone will taste, and I believe that there is afterlife. Death is not the end of an person. That’s what we believe.

-The death of the mother is something that even middle-aged adult shiver when they think about, but not Luna. Having faced her mother’s death at the young age of 9, she believes that no matter how much she missed her mum, in the end, she will see her mother again. Luna, genuinely believes in that, and not just to comfort herself.

-When Harry talked to Luna about his godfather’s death, he found the conversation with her comforting, and his grief became easier to handle.

Luna’s fashion style

Luna-Many people don’t like Luna’s style. She thinks outside the box and ditches the common sense of fashion. As much as unconventional she is, Luna doesn’t dress like this to attract attention. Her idea of style is on a completely different level, and she sees things from her unique viewpoint. Luna is fearless when it comes to trying new things, especially in fashion. After Harry asked her to accompany him at the Slughorn’s party as a friend, Luna asked him if she should have a eyebrow of a different color, like Harry did after a half-failed attempt at trying to dye his eyebrows as a Transfiguration’s assignment. She had no problem having one different color eyebrow! Luna is definitely unconventional and doesn’t care what others think of her, which is extremely rare. Can you image wearing Victorian clothes at a university lecture? Even if you found this quite cool, you wouldn’t do that, because you would be afraid of what others think of you; you’d be afraid if others will mock you. But, Luna didn’t care. If others didn’t like what she wore, it was their problem, not hers.


Luna’s hobbies

-From what I’ve noticed is that, Luna is very creative, and it seems that she loves to craft. She’s also capable of being a loyal and supportive friend, and when there was a match between Gryffindor and Slytherin, she supported Gryffindor by making a Lion hat. Even though, not everyone received it well, the gesture was kind, and I’m sure Harry appreciated it. Also, I’ve noticed that Luna loves to draw.

Luna’s childhood

-We don’t know much about Luna’s childhood, except her Mother’s death. Pandora Lovegood, when she was experimenting with one of her spell, had a terrible accident. Being the only child, I believe that Luna was loved by both of her parents, and that she had a decent early childhood. The only people (I’m guessing here. There is much we don’t know about her.) Luna associated with ,were her parents, and I believe that she grew up lonely. And after her mother’s death, the only person in Luna’s life was her father,so I believe that she took much after him. Her father influenced her, and most of her beliefs were because of him. I believe that both her father and her mother, were unconventional and original (And possibly, both of them were Ravenclaws!) ,and that it’s not a surprise that Luna is the way she is now.

Was Luna lonely?

-Okay, I think that she was definitely lonely. In her family, she didn’t learn any basic social skills, and her unusual beliefs made her friends take her for a fool. Not until, she knew Ginny and became part of the ‘Dumbledore’s army,’ she had any friends. But, despite her deep loneliness, she found strength and hope in herself. Luna is an incredibly powerful person. Enduring all this ridicule and still being able to believe in herself and be happy is a rare strength. However, I have to say that Luna had a bit naive and innocent mindset. When the ‘Golden trio’ was in the Luna’s room, Harry noticed that Luna had drawings of them and that they were linked by golden chains where was written many times ‘friends.’ That was the sweetest thing ever.


-Overall, I think that Luna is an incredibly brave,smart and kind person. Despite her eccentric beliefs and style, she has a golden heart. It took time for Harry,Hermione and Ron, to notice that, but once they did, she became an irreplaceable part of the Dumbledore’s army. I’m happy that Luna found her place in the world, and that she became a famous Magizoologist. This proved that despite her being a very creative person, Luna is also someone who loves books. Though, it’d be extremely strange and impossible for a Ravenclaw to not like books. By this character, I think that the author wanted to say that having a positive attitude towards life and people, despite everything, will finally be beneficial. Luna Lovegood is a strong girl, and will always be one of my favorite characters ever.

By Red Rose-Crown







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