Character analysis: Dobby

-Dobby was one of the kindest and bravest characters in the series. He had all the positive traits of a Cancer Sun: kind, sensitive, protective. He grew up believing that he was nothing. He was taught that his race had to one-sidely work for humans and obey every single order. Dobby also couldn’t kill in himself the feeling that he shouldn’t say ‘no’ to his masters, and therefore he often physically punished himself.


Dobby as a slave house-elf

-As we know, Dobby was a house-elf; a creature whose only duty in life was to support humans. House-elves have a great love for humanity, and would do absolutely anything that humans tell them to do, even kill themselves. It seems that house-elves are genetically programmed to obey every single order given by their masters, but sometimes they can even disobey. Seeing that his master was planning to do something bad to Harry Potter, Dobby spied, although he didn’t tell much to Harry. Feeling incredibly guilty, Dobby punished himself, and didn’t tell any specific detail to Harry.

-It’s very clear that Dobby was unhappy while he was Malfoys’ property. They abused him and made him do things that he didn’t want to. One thing that differed Dobby from the rest of the house-elves was that he craved freedom. He wanted to be free and to be paid for his hard-work, but just a little. Although, he had no other choice but to do as his masters ordered him.


Dobby as a free house-elf

-Being finally free from the Malfoys’ grip was the best thing that ever happened to Dobby. Dobby was very grateful to Harry for his freedom, and often helped him. Dumbledore was the only one who gave Dobby what he needed after his independence; a job that paid nicely and vacation. Even though, Dobby didn’t accept too much money from Dumbledore. He only accepted how he thought he deserved. The blood of the house-elves still ran in him,after all.



Dobby’s love for socks

-A sock was a symbol of freedom according to him. As a house-elf, Dobby wasn’t allowed to have decent, let alone nice clothes. The only way, he could be free was after the master introduced him to some clothes. In his case, Lucius Malfoy accidentally introduced him to the Harry’s dirty sock, therefore setting Dobby free. Since then, Dobby had a profound love for socks, and bought with his wage socks, which were all generally ugly. Noticing that, the Golden trio bought for him socks as ugly as possible.


-Despite his good intentions, Dobby put Harry through some difficult troubles. At first, he was a weird elf, whom true intentions Harry could never understand. Dobby was a kind,brave house-elf, who fought for his rights, and didn’t care about the rest of the house-elves. His courage and desire for freedom made him special among his folks.

~by Red Rose-Crown

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