Character analysis: Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin

-Nymphadora was a talented witch with a kind heart. She became an Auror, when she was only 21 years old, and was one of the youngest members of the Order of Phoenix. However, the central point of this character was her special power of Metamorphmagus. She can transform her features and be anyone she wants. Many people would use this power for evil, but she used this power for good, and that makes her a really good person.

Tonks’s self-confidence

-Tonks was a humble witch, who had amazing powers. The majority of people would eliminate their physical flaws, if they  were Metamorphmagus. But, Tonks used this to have unnatural hair color. She kept her original appearance. I think that this tells us that Tonks had a high self-esteem, and a humble personality.

Remus Lupin

-Despite him being a lot older than her, Tonks loved him. I believe that she fell in love with his kindness and great heart. And I believe that her love was real. The relationship with him was quite complicated as we know it; Remus felt that he didn’t deserve love and that his fate would harm the ones close to him. He drifted further apart from her, and that made her quite love-sick. His avoidance of her and his determination to take more life-threatening tasks made her quite depressed ,and these powerful emotions made her temporary lose her Metamorphmagus power. Her love for Remus even changed her Patronus from a rabbit to a wolf. Love has a power to change that, but when Remus fell in love with her, did his Patronus change? I believe that Remus loved her, but could it be that Tonks loved him more? Or, could it be that only when one suffers from love, the Patronus changes?

-Overall, I think that Tonks was an amazing person. It’s quite sad that she died that young and left her son motherless. In her own way, she was a true hero and a great friend. It almost feels like I’m writing an eulogy for her, but  there are many things we don’t know about her. Tonks, even though she was clumsy and kept falling down, she still insisted in helping Molly with the house-work, and despite having a new born, she still went to the battle of Hogwarts to protect the school. Her clothes were interesting and she had an unique style. She was an interesting character, and I’d love to know more about her.

Questions I have for this character: 


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