All these emotions I cannot bear,

I look inside I find no air,

I try to sleep but I can not,

because of all those things I’ve got to solve.

They’re not problems,

they’re just the truth,

these lingering thoughts,

I don’t want to get through.

You have no idea,

how guilty you make me,

because for you

your emotions are all that matter.

I’m not the damn underdog,

how can I be confident,

as someone I’m not.

I can’t sleep

because all I think is this,

it seems sometimes,

like I don’t belong in this world,

or something like this.

I feel sleepy ,but I can’t sleep,

you have no idea how guilty you make me,

You don’t know how much your words makes me suffer,

I don’t want to tell the world, but I feel so alone.

This silent night, and I don’t want to face my world.

Those damned thoughts, and I can’t sleep,

it’s not alright,it’s not fair,

I try so hard ,but you don’t care.

This dark night and I’m so alone,

it’s 4:20 a.m.and I’m writing this song.

I’ll go to sleep now,cause it’s too late,

I hope the dreams will take me away.


by RedRoseCrown




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