Who are my favorite characters from “The murder of Roger Ackroyd” by Agatha Christie?

  1. Hercule Poirot: Who other but him can be my favorite character not only from this book, but probably from all Agatha Christie work? His ‘little grey cells’ and his genius techniques are very admiring. Monsieur Poirot is a very kind detective, who possesses an unbelievable intellect. As a retired detective he was, Monsieur Poirot couldn’t find happiness in what he said it was his dream, the cultivating pumpkins, and therefore accepted Flora’s request to investigate her uncle’s murder. One of my favorite scenes with this character is when he throws a pumpkin, over the wall out of frustration, almost hitting Dr Sheppard. Despite deciding to retire, he still needed to investigate.
  2. Carolina Sheppard: As the gossiper of the neighborhood and definitely one of the smartest characters in the novel, Carolina has an amazing ability to draw very correct conclusions. Hercule Poirot noticed that, and he used her skills to find out the murderer. She’s interesting, genuine, but unfortunately quite indiscreet and a big mouth. My favorite scene with this character is when she describes Dr Sheppard as a weak person, seeing her brother’s true character. This was followed by a monologue by Monsieur Poirot, who says that: “Let us take a man – a very ordinary man. A man with no idea of murder in his heart. There is in him somewhere a strain of weakness – deep down. It has so far never been called into play. Perhaps it never will be – and if so he will go to his grave honoured and respected by everyone. But let us suppose that
    something occurs. He is in difficulties – or perhaps not that even. He may stumble by accident on a secret- a secret involving life or death to someone. And his first impulse will be to speak out – to do his duty as an honest citizen. And then the strain of weakness tells. Here is a chance of money – a great amount of money.”
  3. Major Hector Blunt: This archetype is one of my favorite; a very calm person, who is very passionate. Major Hector Blunt is one of those character, you really can’t know  that easily. His feelings for Flora Ackroyd is what made this character interesting for me, and his stoic but not-arrogant personality. He’s definitely the most genuine character in the novel. My favorite scene with this character is when Monsieur Poirot makes him blush by telling him that he knew that he loved Flora.

-If you haven’t read this book, then I totally recommend it. It’s an extremely well-written novel, and a must-read.

by Red Rose-Crown

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