Hell is cold by Red Rose-Crown


(A humorous poetry) 

Hey human creature,

don't you lie 

to yourself,

don't you tell,

that hell is hot.

You think 

that hell is on  fire,

but in fact it's

freezing cold.

Real hell 

is in our hearts,

is in our soul

in our deepest core.

It's when we lose

the light in us.

When we feel so helpless

toward life.

When our love

is not returned.

And our heart

is truely broken.

When out of blue,

you find out the truth.

and ourselves doesn't feel the same.

And our heart

feels so cold,

when we lose 

all hope in world.

So our heart 

feels like ice,

and our life,

feels so worthless.

And the only hope

is our God,

when we lose,

all the hope in world.



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