7 things I’ve learnt after reading “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

-I loved “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” so much, and I know that it’s not like the Harry Potter novels we are used of reading, but this one was nothing short of J.K.Rowling’s geniality. It has so much wisdom and humor, but also we learnt so much about our beloved main characters of Harry Potter series. In case you haven’t read this book yet, then I advise to not continue any further because there will be spoilers.


  1. There is darkness in everyone: Life and the experiences we have shape us as persons. There is darkness in each one of us. The truth is that we all need support in our lives, and without it, we all have a chance of giving in into our darkness. Sometimes, it takes one big humiliating memory, to turn our lives around, like in Cedric’s case. He was so generous, and such a good person, and one dark,humiliating moment, made him not only become a Death Eater, but also kill someone. One moment, which I really love is when Draco said something that it’s so true. That at some point in our lives, you must make the choice of a person you want to be, and that’s when you should have a friend you trust or a parent. If by that time, you learn to hate your parents, or you don’t have any friends, then this sends you into a very dark place for a long time.And that’s not easy. How well I can relate to this.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Even the smallest of things can have a great impact on the future: Using a time-turner is no joke. The smallest of change can have an unpredictable impact on the train of events. Just because Hermione didn’t accept to go with Viktor Krum to the ball, Ron ended up with Padma, and Hermione ended up not becoming the Minister of magic.
  3. Sometimes, without a sparkle of jealously, you may not fall in love: This was quite interesting for me. It’s quite interesting to think that if Ron never got jealous about Hermione, they would never start dating, despite the fact that they both really like each other. I guess we only know the value of things, until we think that we have lost them. Ron never saw Hermione as a female, until he saw Hermione with Viktor. It was that moment when he realized his feelings for her.
  4. Our experience shape us: If we had different experiences, we would have been different people. If Hermione didn’t get married to Ron, then she would’ve been a mean teacher, and not a dedicated and a happy Minister of magic. She even would’ve never been married. It turns out that in order for her to be successful and happy, she needed Ron by her side. Also, Ron would have never been as funny as he’s now, if he wasn’t married to Hermione. With Padma, he would have been a very serious man.
  5. Sometimes, even worst enemies can become friends: This book gave us two examples. First, it’s Harry and Draco. As we know ,they didn’t like each other at all, but with time,they could find understanding in one another, and they even talked about their deepest emotions. In the end, they saw each other as friends. It’s so sweet, I can’t even… Then, we have Hermione, Ron and Snape. I’m not saying that they’re best friends forever, but if Snape had lived, then they’d be very close and supportive of each other.
  6. Love blinds: This is the message of the book. Sometimes, when we love someone, we don’t see what they need. Dumbledore said that he didn’t know that Harry needed to hear from Dumbledore that he loved him. Also, Harry finally understood that he and Draco were trying to give to their sons not what they needed, but he and Draco needed.
  7. What Harry fears the most: And finally, we learn about Harry Potter biggest fears. It turns out that Harry is afraid of darkness, small spaces, and that he really doesn’t like pigeons.

-This book is so sweet, funny, and in case you read all this and you still haven’t read the book, then I totally recommend it. You WON’T regret it. You can find it here as an e-book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. This book didn’t feel like it contained only one story, but an entire universe. It had wisdom and humor so profound, and both of them were mixed together in a way that only J.K.Rowling knows.


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