Coffee shop “Imaginary” by Red Rose-Crown

Coffee shop “Imaginary”

Amy and Mandeline were having macchiato in a usually-crowed coffee shop called “Imaginary.”

-“I want to be an understanding and kind person, who does good things for others,” said Amy with a heavy heart. “But maybe deep down, I’m a truly selfish, narcissistic person.”

-“You are not her,” spoke Mandeline emphasizing every word clearly. “Just because you’re similar, doesn’t mean you’re exactly the same.”

-“I hate that part of me that’s similar to her,” said Amy with a broken voice, as a young man with long white hair passed near them. “It’s the worst feeling in the world to be similar to someone you hate. It makes me…truly hate myself.”

-“Amy, listen,” Mandeline insisted, trying to get Amy’s attention back. Amy had been looking curiously at the white-haired man, who was dressed up as a reaper.

-“Human mind is a puzzle consisting of many pieces, and it’s not unusual to have a few identical pieces with someone else. It’s the overall picture that matters, not every single piece. If you hate yourself, remember that you can change yourself by making different choices. Everybody can change profoundly, but some remain forever the same, because they don’t take different decisions. They choose to remain the same. Never be afraid to make small changes, because they lead to profound ones.”

-“In the end,” continued Mandeline with a slight smirk on her face, “she is incapable of truly caring for anyone but herself. By simply being brave, and always trying to do the right thing without a care about the status-quo, you’ve done something she can’t ever do. She can never be like you.”

-“Thank you, Mandeline,” thought Amy in her dimly lit room, finally feeling sleepy. “By simply imaging you, I find the solutions.”

By RedRoseCrown (February 2017)


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