Character analysis: Draco Malfoy

-We know all know that he isn’t the nicest person, but Draco Malfoy is not only clever, but he can see things quite objectively, expect his own feelings when he was younger. While he was growing up, he attempted to be like his father, but once he saw his father for who he was, and most importantly once he saw himself for who he was, Draco changed quite a lot. In case you haven’t read the play called “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” I advice you not to continue reading this, because there are some major spoilers, and I don’t want to spoil the story for you.


His narcissism

-Draco grew up believing he was special. A belief which was created by his parents, who believed that being a pure-blood wizard/witch means you’re superior to the others. This belief he carried all the way to Hogwarts until his 6th year at Hogwarts, when his whole world crashed down on him. But, I believe that he slowly started to realize that he might not that superior when Harry defeated him at their first Quidditch match. Even after that, he continued trying to present a powerful appearance in front of other student using his physically strong friends, bullying smaller students, and bragging a lot about his family name. Underneath all this unmistakably lied some powerful,suppressed emotions, and loneliness. At the Yule Ball, he wore black robes with a high collar to makes himself look more powerful. But, in the end of the day, he had a realistic view on his abilities, when he admitted to Harry that he wasn’t good at Quidditch, more than twenty years after the Hogwarts years.

Damn. He looks so funny, here.

His 6th year in Hogwarts 

-This year, as we know it, was a traumatic year for him. The father, he admired so much, was arrested, and a dark,very powerful, wizard threatened to kill his family. He was alone and terrified, because for the first time he had to prove that he was what he was pretending to be all those years. No matter how much he admired dark magic, he couldn’t find in himself the wish to murder someone. Compared to Harry, he really didn’t have any friends. And he himself admitted that being friendless and without the parents support at a critical moments sends you into a dark place for a very long time.


His friendship with Harry Potter

-You probably read that line for the second time, thinking that your eyes are playing tricks on you, or that it’s just my humorous side, but you know that Draco and Harry hated each other. Draco envied Harry, because Harry had everything he hoped and dreamed for, like Quidditch skills, friendship, fame. Harry didn’t have to lie all day about how glorious his family was, or he was, in order to become popular or impress others. But, when Harry saved his life things changed, and most importantly, when Scorpius and Albus went missing, after much arguing and battling, Harry and Draco could finally find understand between them. They finally saw each other as friends.


Draco’s abilities

-He may not be skilled in Quidditch, but Draco has some amazing skills which are worth mentioning.

  • He’s an incredible actor: When Harry and Ron sneaked into the Slytherin dormitories. Draco imitated perfectly Colin Creevey, with cruel accuracy.
  • He’s a skilled Occlumen, and possibly a skilled Legilimen.
  • He is very clever and strategic.
  • He has a very objective mind.
  • He is generally funny.


His love for Astoria

-Honestly, I never thought of Draco as someone with a potential to truly love someone. I don’t know how they met, or how their relationship was exactly, but to think that Draco would defy his parents for someone he loved. Astoria wasn’t liked by Draco’s parents because of her ‘acceptance’ of Muggles and Muggle-borns. I don’t know much about their love, but I know that Draco was deeply affected by her death. He misses her so much that he’d sell the soul for a moment with her. After all, he’s one hell of a Slytherin. I wonder what kind of person Astoria was.


-I want to conclude this post saying that Draco is a very complex person. I think that if he wasn’t a Malfoy or raised as a pure-blood supremacist, he would’ve been close friends with Harry even during Hogwarts years, and maybe a better person. Astoria definitely brought the good side of him into light, and changed him. I believe that he could finally feel that he could be himself without shame near her, and that she made him happy.

Questions I have about this character

  • What his ascendant sign? (Yeah, I just love astrology!)
  • What books he likes to read most? (If he loves reading. Did Scorpius get his reading love from his mother?)
  • What would his Ilvermorny house be?
  • What are his deepest fears?
  • Does he have any pet? I wonder whether he likes animals at all.

Side note: I found something really interesting online.Worth reading it.


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