Humorous bits of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

-Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was ingenious, and I loved every word of it. But, one of the thing that made this book so good was its humor.


  • The moment when Albus, while disguised as Ron, kisses his aunt Hermione many times.
  • And then, the moment when Albus, while disguised as Ron, asks Hermione to make a baby with him.
  • When Scorpios tells Rose that she smells like bread.
  • When we know that Ron would have been a very serious, professional guy, if he married Padma.
  • When they say ‘Thank Dumbledore.’
  • The moment when Polly Chapman says ‘Oh, Potter,’ instead of ‘Oh, shit.’
  • The moment when Scorpius says to Hermione and Ron, that if Harry hadn’t died, they would’ve been married, and when Snape says that it’s better to be dead than married to Ron.
  • That moment when we know that Voldemort and Bellatrix had a kid.
  • That moment when Ron calls Draco a ponytail, but most importantly that moment when Ron says that Draco has nice hair.
  • That moment when Draco and Scorpius hug awkwardly.
  • That moment when Scorpius ask Rose out.
  • That moment when Scorpius says that ‘Pity is the foundation of the palace of love.’


-This week, I’ve been blogging daily. I liked it, and if you’d like me to do another week like this, then please let me know.

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