Dark Moon Child by Red Rose-Crown

Dark Moon Child

-A lonely child was eating his bread. No sense of joy and peacefulness he had in that castle. No hope was in his heart, but his heart-beats were growing stronger and faster, and his heart was burning in anger. His Mum was a vampire, but his Dad is a human being. As a result of this combination, he was born cursed. Ed was cursed to never be loved, and always be humiliated. Be it in his home or  be it in his academy, he was bonded to be belittled.

-“How can I stop being cursed by the Moon?” he asked his mother.

-“It’s not my problem, is it?” she spoke casually. “Just bear it. Or kill yourself. I don’t care.” He cried bitter tears that night. He cried until the Moon talked to him.

-“Do you want to kill yourself?” she asked.

-“Please,” he said, “tell me why did you curse me?”

-“You weren’t supposed to be born.”

-“Why my parents hate me? How can you make my parents loathe me?”

-“Okay, I’ve lied,” she finally admitted. “I can’t curse anyone, or make anyone hate you. Both humans and vampires unconsciously hate half-breeds like yourself.”

-“But, you also hate me. You asked whether I wanted to kill myself.”

-“But, you’re suicidal. I guess I’ll help. After all, you are called ‘Child of the dark Moon.'”

-“Can I become a full breed? I want to become a vampire.”

-That moment, Ed started bleeding heavily. He couldn’t breathe, and the world was rotating around him. He couldn’t even asked the Moon whether she intended to kill him. All became clear when from his blood rose a hand. He could feel and move that hand, and Ed was born once again. Loved by his kind.


Red Rose Crown(22.05.2017)

Author’s note: Today is the World Goth Day, and I wanted to do something for this occasion. I hope you like the story. Also, I want to explain something, when the Moon said that he was the child of the dark Moon, she was talking about the New Moon; the phase of the Moon when you can’t see the Moon. Ed as a half-vampire could see the Moon in her dark phase.

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