Character analysis of Albus Dumbledore

-Professor Dumbledore was an extraordinary wizard with a great thirst for power, but also with a very open mind and heart. He was flawed and he was great, but even though I haven’t seen the ‘Fantastic beast and where to find them,’ I still want to write a few words about him. Despite everything, Albus Dumbledore was a good man, and he wanted the best for the wizardkind. Would he be as understanding as he was, if he didn’t have any psychic powers? We don’t know that. I don’t know his past, but I know Dumbledore isolated himself, because he (maybe rightfully!) believed that he would be a great danger to the ones he loved. He had great talents…And he had style.


Questions I have about this character

  1. Why he has so many names? His parents couldn’t decide or what?
  2. Is violet is favorite color?
  3. If he wasn’t a wizard, what would his profession be?
  4. What he is like when he’s drunk?
  5. What is his MBTI type?

-If you want to reply to these questions, please do. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.


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