Who are we??? by Red Rose-Crown

A free spirit,

which never died,

I come to rise,

beneath the sky.

Always happy is my heart,

I don’t never pretend,

I’m just happy,

I always find my own path.

You never see me,

but I’m always with you

caring for you

my precious human.

North or south,

east or west,

follow your heart,

cause it’s the best.

My joyness is contagious,

your fears are outrageous.

Don’t give yourself in

to your darkest fears,

to your greatest horror,

don’t fear even death,

cause I’m there with you,

just free yourself and relax.


You can’t see us,

but we can see you,

what you do everyday,

what you say to yourself,

your secrets,your thoughts,

we know your everything.

we know your soul

You don’t know who are we?

Try to think a little bit more.

We are the angels ,you fool.

and we love you, too.



Red Rose Crown (26.04.2011)

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