The vampire’s song by Red Rose-Crown


The vampire’s song


And I feel the sorrow

of many years

as together they

stand remanding me

of what they turned me into.

A monster,a cold rock,

laying down in the ocean.

A cold-hearted vampire,

As I actually am,

forbidden to feel

the warmth of the day,

the joy of love,

the light of happiness.

Forsaken by ones I really loved,

cause they couldn’t accept

a vampire in their hearts,

in their selfish hearts.

As a  mermaid,

whose heart turned into ice,

when no one ever loved her

I travel across the dark forest

of the sea and of the earth,

and I suffer so much,

but no one cares.

So I’ll  hate everyone,

while still  being  a good person.

But for how much long?

The human heart

doesn’t deserve to be loved or to love,

There is so much pain in love.

There is so much emptiness in being loved.

So hate is so much easier for me,

but not for everyone.

The moon is my only comfort.

The beautiful moon,

which is my only friend.

Her shine is so gloom and pale,

and her energy feeds me.

Only me,not everyone.

I am afraid of what I am really becoming.

I am afraid of my own anger and agony

There is no solution in my curse.

As I am cursed to live forever

in the darkness of the night,

thinking of what my life has become.

Since the day all went black for me,

but not for everyone.

Afraid of my own mind

And my own heart,

as I take a bite of

the bittersweet taste of

this cold life of mine,

where there is

nothing but confusion and desperation,

And where is always night.

I feel nothing but hate.

I can’t see the sun cause it would kill me.

I forgot how it looks.

I can’t enjoy the day cause it will destroy me

I have only the night.

I am looking for a solution

This is my life’s quest.

When will I find it?

God only knows,

The vampires never survive.


Red Rose Crown (17.01.2011)

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