Who are my favorite authors?

  1. Jules Verne: I started reading his work when I was ten. ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ was something that teacher told us to read. I had difficulties understanding it, especially the word horse-power. I thought that, let’s say 140 horse-power ship, means that it was a ship which could be carried to the sea, after being built, by 140 horses. The logic of a 10 year old, you’d say. But, the ‘Captain Grant’ series are what stole my heart. These books are fascinating, interesting and full of adventure. Many people love Jules Verne for his science-fiction, but I love his work mostly because the adventure and the opportunity to learn about different cultures of the world while still being amazed by an intriguing story. The last book of his I’ve read was ‘Around the world in 80 days,’ for which I talked about in this post.brenda-godinez-229718
  2. Agatha Christie: I love her mysteries, and I also love the character development in her books. They are interesting and there is a human depth to them as if they were the next-door neighborhood or your best friend. (With none of which I go well, but that’s another thing.) The main reasons why I like her books are: Hercule Poirot(Who can’t love that funny, ingenious and kind guy!) and the fact that I can learn much about English culture from her books. The last book of hers I’ve read is ‘The murder of Roger Ackroyed’ , and I wrote about it in this post.kyle-richner-535
  3. J.K.Rowling: I only read her Harry Potter series, and the play ‘Cursed Child.’ (‘Casual vacancy’ is still waiting to be read by me. I recently bought it. I’ve been reading something else.) But, needless to say her books is my whole teenagehood. I began reading the series when I was 12 years old, starting from the second book. And why you’d say? Well, my cousin, who lent me four books of Harry Potter, didn’t have it, and I’d already seen the movie. I read the first one later. Her words are magical, and her stories are full of surprises, cleverness and most importantly wisdom and hope. I wrote many articles about Harry Potter characters. My favorite characters are: Luna, Harry, Bill. Least favorite character is Umbridge.(I remember being really angry while reading the 5th novel because of her.) I also don’t like Draco’s body-guards and every other Death-Eater including Voldemort. From good characters I didn’t like Molly Weasly that much, and from the bad characters I liked Draco a little.felix-russell-saw-273938
  4. Pashko Vasa: I’m sure that the vast majority never heard about him. He’s my favorite Albanian author, even though he’s only written a book so far. Pashko Vasa wasn’t only a writer, but he was also a politician, and he used to be the Governor of Lebanon. His only novel was ‘Bardha e Temalit’ or ‘Bardha of Temal’ in English. It’s a tragedy, but it’s beautifully written. I only read it once, though, and I don’t remember that much to be honest. It’s about Bardha, who got married to someone because her family told her so, and she had to adapt to living in a village. This book is a presentation of the mentality that was in the 19th century in Albania. It’s a sad book indeed, but it definitely tells how precious and prized freedom is.johannes-plenio-247177
  5. J.R.R.Tolkien: I love the way he told the story ‘Lord of the rings.’ I wasn’t a big fan of the movies, but I definitely loved the books. He’s a genius and remarkable in his own genre.CoverJune

Other authors I like:  I like a lot Dostoevsky, sisters Brontë, Charles Dickens, etc. Let me know your favorite authors and books. I’d love to know, and of course, if you have any suggestion about which Harry Potter character to write next, I’d take requests. Happy Weekend.~♥

By Red Rose-Crown


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