Fan-fiction of Kuroshitsuji ~ The half-demoness of Druitt II

Hi, guys. From now on, I’ll be posting on Mondays. This is the second part of the fan-fiction. I hope you like it. In case, you missed last post, here is the summary of the fan-fiction. I plan to write around 12-16 chapters.


The Viscount of Druitt knew that he had a half-sister from his mother, but he has never met her. The fact that she was a bastard child didn’t bother him at all, even when she came to live with his family and took their last name. She was a beautiful and charming young woman , but what he did not know was that despite everything Ariel is a half-demoness.

Here is the second chapter: The half demoness of Druitt ~ She goes ice-skating.

Photo by Terry Mathhews from Unsplash.

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