Gardening Dizzy on strawberry plants

I love strawberries.~RedRoseCrown

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Me and Dizzy are officially on holiday now and Dizzy has already been using the first few days to start some gardening! This week she’s been learning about strawberry plants (Dizzy does like a strawberry) and how to create more strawberries for the future by planting runners!

How to plant strawberry runners (by Dizzy):

dizzythedonkey with strawberry

1. Identify the runners. These are long thin shoots that come out of the plant and look like they’re running away from it! They will have a tiny tiny baby strawberry plant on the end. Dizzy found 6 on ours!

dizzythedonkey with runners

2. Next you will need the equipment for planting the runners. This includes pots, soil and something to hold the runners in place with. We didn’t think this through very carefully beforehand, so we used straws…

dizzythedonkey with pots

3. The first thing to do is to fill your pots up with enough soil. 🙂 Then pick which runner you…

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