Is our destiny truly in our hands?-The palace of dreams

-This is not the main topic of ‘The palace of dreams’ by Ismail Kadare, but it’s a theme which made me think the most from this book. If you haven’t read the book, you can find it here: “The palace of dreams” by Ismail Kadare.

-A young man named Mark-Alem was made to work in a very mysterious place named ‘The palace of dreams.’ Working there is very dangerous, because he can risk being arrested or even executed if he interprets the dreams wrongly. The Sultan makes them checks the dreams of every citizen in attempt to prevent any revolution against him or any criminal activities. The ones who see such dreams are often executed after being interrogated for days or even weeks. Despite its positive side, this place is a scary place to work at, with its overwhelming and easy-to-get-lost hallways.

-Knowing that, I often asked myself if Mark-Alem actually wanted to work there. He couldn’t find happiness there, even though after working for a while there, he completely lost interest in outside world. I almost feel pity for him. His fate is completely influenced by his family, since he is the nephew of an important noble family. He didn’t have the right to choose what he wants to do in life, even whom to marry. After months of working in that palace, he became an empty shell; his personality and heart completely devoured by work and responsibilities, as he rises up on the ladder of power in that palace. When his family decided that he should marry someone, he just agreed on with arguing. The end is gloomy for him, because as the book foreshadows at the final pages, no matter how much he invested for his family and his empire, one day he’s going to end up executed with the order of Sultan.

-It’s very important for one to know themselves, and fight for their happiness. One can sacrifice and make everyone happy, but in the end it won’t do good to anyone. I really would like for Mark-Alem to follow his heart, and leave that job. He deserved better, but he should’ve fought for the life he wanted.Life can be wonderful if one really knows how to live it.

~Red Rose-Crown


Photo by Bob Leferink from Unsplash.

Editted by RedRoseCrown.

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